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CloudRoom – A New Frontier of Self-Storage Industry


CloudRoom boasts itself to be the pioneer who completes a journey of a customer with one stop service. The service specifically tailored for the customer who wishes to store items without a need of stepping outside from his/her house, all done in one smartphone.

For those who hear its name for the first time, CloudRoom might seem to be a data storage in cloud for intangible assets. Applied the same as the data storage in cloud, CloudRoom has stretched this very concept even more further and has already been realised with physical objects. Now everyone can manage their own personal storage in one’s smartphone.

What is CloudRoom?

CloudRoom is a platform that allows you to store your physical items by simply managing from your own device. Physical objects are to be stored in the storage that you don’t actually have to be at its physical location.

System design by analysing human’s behaviour with IT infrastructure nowadays has indeed elevated our lifestyle. The way we live our life in a much more productive manner.

A completely new way of life in this so-called "New Normal"

Covid-19 has absolutely changed the way we live our life. Many industries, such as restaurant, education institute and cinema, that heavily rely on the physical presence of customers are suffering. New types of service like Grab, Zoom and Netflix have replaced the former. Not different from others, self-storage industry also needs to adjust itself to the crisis.

As the Covid-19 third wave hit Bangkok so heavily, a majority of people have no choice but prevent themselves from going out and stay home to flatten the curve.

More and more people use of applications in smartphone with most of their life activities. We shop online. We pay bills through internet banking. We entertain ourselves from online entertainment platform. “Work from home” has become the new norm for corporate culture. And perhaps, it’s the time for people to adjust themselves to learn how to store things from home as well.

Bangkokian lifestyle in the 21st century

The price of land in Bangkok has risen rapidly over the last few decades. A majority of people who own a property of their own are likely to live in a condominium with a size of not more than 50 SQM. Considering the ones along the BTS Sukhumvit line, so many rooms of 25 SQM studio type are posted for sales in the internet.

This means, more people will inevitably live in a smaller space but with the same need for extra activities. Indeed, self-storage with affordable price is a solution that works out perfectly for those who live in a small space in a big chaotic city like Bangkok.

Drag and Drop, just simple as that!

The same concept like cloud storage for data in your notebook. Users can start taking the picture by a smartphone and organised the items in one’s account by a drag and drop. After that, there is a function to schedule the time for CloudRoom staff to come to a designated location to pick the items which are to be transferred to a physical storage.

What makes CloudRoom one of a kind?

Like its slogan “Self-Storage in Your Hand,” CloudRoom has designed a user experience that users do not need to step out from one’s home and can finish all the complicated operations (file a contract, issue a quotation, make an online payment, organise items, schedule the transfer vehicle to pick up or return items)  from just one single smartphone.

Furthermore, CloudRoom uses a unique concept of “co-sharing storage” that allows the fee to be even more affordable than other parties in the same industry. A co-sharing storage that protect user’s privacy to ensure the safety as indicated in CloudRoom policy. Security system by Secom is being employed in the whole storage area for 24/7.


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