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Understand how CloudRoom service works💡

Thinking about the conventional self-storage up until now, you might be imagining of renting a whole storage somewhere with an obligation to carry all the heavy stuffs by yourself. Instead of doing so, what if the present technology has brought us a whole new way to store our items like what CloudRoom offers its value proposition to the users.

Its Value Proposition: "Self-Storage in Your Hand"

Like the statement of its slogan, CloudRoom proposes its concept that everything can be all done in your own smartphone. Yes, you did not misunderstand a thing, it’s just as simple as that. As long as you have a smartphone, of course with 4G/internet access, to go online through any browsers like Safari & Google chrome, you absolutely are on a right track to get on board for the service.

In a nutshell, you take the photos of items you wish to store in CloudRoom and upload them to the platform in your own account page. After that, reach out to CloudRoom team through mobile phone, Facebook and Line. As a piece of advice if you’d like to have someone to guide you step by step, I’d say the most effective means is to reach out to CloudRoom via “Line App” (Line ID: @CloudRoom), a chatting application that is most used by Thai netizens. Here is the QR code to scan for CloudRoom Line OA.

“CloudRoom Support Desk” will walk you through the process for the first time which should be enough for you to get familiarised on how to employ the basic functions that you need to have your items stored or returned next time.


Storage fee calculated by the size of item

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