Customer Voice

Jennifer Smith – Marketing Director from Global Media Agency

I simply happened to see the Ads of CloudRoom from my Facebook newsfeed. The word “Self-Storage in Your Hand” did literally strike my curiosity.

First, I thought it was some kind of data storage in Cloud or something. But it wasn’t like that at all. After having made a handful of researches, it is really a storage that I can actually store my things without a need to go to a physical storage myself.

CloudRoom helps me a lot with stuffs that I wanted to keep, for the fact that my apartment is quite small (30 SqM). Admittedly, I’m a woman who has many emotional objects that I could hardly discard.

As a marketing director, I often need to use the props to produce a high-quality marketing material. Instead of renting a massive space in a prime location like Thonglo, storing all the props with CloudRoom help my company reduce a large amount of expense. Not only the customer support promptly provides me all the information I need to make a decision, the platform system is also designed to be user-friendly that allows me to organise all of my items in my own account at ease. Kudos to the team who created this innovation!

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