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Rockmoto In Los Angeles – Digital Nomad

Amazing service. Highly recommend. The Price is reasonable and upfront. (My suitcase pickup, delivery, and storage was less than 1000 bhts if storage is within the month). But monthly storage fees are also reasonable.

Great communication throughout. No surprises.

On time. Courteous. Speaks English, Japanese and Thai. Customer support on Line, feels like 24 hours a day with quick responses.
The pickup was supposed to be 3 to 5pm. They came at 3pm. (In Bangkok!!)

I travel a lot. Hate carrying my big suitcase to travel for a short period out of Bangkok, and also hate asking my friends to keep my stuff if I am changing my hotel or apartment.

Now I can keep my stuff in storage when I am out of the country – then have them deliver my luggage or boxes when I get back to Bangkok.
It’s perfect for digital nomads. No reason to take home your swimwear and linen shirts.

If they take credit cards it would be perfect (only Thai bank and cash in March 2023), but I have paid more in London for keeping my suitcase for a few hours at a train station.

We need this service around the world.

(Source: Google Map Comment)

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