Which kinds of items typically are kept in Self-Storage nowadays? 📦

We have gathered intriguing data to showcase the items that people residing in urban areas, particularly in compact condominiums with limited space, tend to store in self-storage rooms within their homes.

This chart above considers the size of the storage area in storage rooms and the value based on a variety of stored items. It aims to understand the relationship between the type of items and the size of the storage room. According to the data, we can analyze and summarize several points as follows:

For small-sized rooms (less than 5 Sqm.), customers tend to store general household items that are easily portable, such as books, backpacks, work documents, toys, fashion items, and jewelry. The storage space per person is not necessarily significant since these items are small in size and can be neatly organized inside medium-sized boxes (35 x 45 x 34 cm). On average, individuals require around 4 to 12 standard-sized boxes for long-term storage (data from CloudRoom). The minimum value represents the average of long-term storage users in condominiums with limited space, while the maximum value represents the average of single individuals residing in rented condominiums or students who rent dormitories and require frequent relocation due to not owning their own furniture and the need to move residences.

Additionally, in the top-left section of the graph, it is interesting to note that there are valuable items such as rings, precious pearls, expensive wines, and important contractual documents that some groups of people prefer to store. This is because storage companies provide various services, including safety boxes or vaults, inspired by bank designs, ensuring an extra layer of security. The room structures are made of dense concrete to prevent fire hazards, and they offer increased insurance coverage. Another interesting aspect is the availability of refrigerated rooms specifically designed for wine storage. This service has been introduced by several establishments in Bangkok, allowing customers to choose and utilize this particular service.

Regarding medium-sized rooms (between 5 to 12 Sqm.), the stored items typically include collectibles such as artworks, paintings, bicycles, motorcycles, expensive suits that come with cabinets or dust-proof equipment to preserve their quality, and second-hand goods. It can be observed that a majority of customers utilizing such services are legal entities or individuals engaged in businesses related to clothing, second-hand item sales, bicycle and motorcycle trading, as well as galleries displaying various artworks.

In the far right section of the graph, it represents large-sized rooms (more than 15 Sqm.), which are used to store large furniture items, electrical appliances, office chairs, tools used in offices, decorations, antiques, and high-value cars. An interesting service available in Thailand is the storage of cars and supercars, which can be easily found through online searches. Customers belonging to this group are usually those undergoing home renovations, requiring storage space during the remodeling or construction process for an extended period, and companies participating in various trade shows that require designated storage spaces while not in use.

CloudRoom Team
Source: JWD Store-It!

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