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Organize Your Storage Items with Japanese 5S Methodology 🇯🇵

Created by the Japanese, The 5S methodology focuses upon maintaining any space, not just house or workplace, organized and efficient. Each “S” derives from the Japanese Kanji which represents a specific process how to accomplish the goal of its theory. You do not have to be Japanese to apply the 5S principle to be come more organized, anyone can actually practice by following these following simple steps.

✅ 整理 (Sei-ri) - Sort the type of items

Unnecessary objects must be clearly pointed out in this step. Do discard the items that you do not really need, or no longer need, as they will become the junk later on even though they are well kept in the storage. Sort through the stuffs and keep only what is important for you.

✅ 整頓 (Sei-ton) - Make things Orderly

Provide each item a number or name that you feel comfortable and easy with by putting them in the box and arranging all items in a systematic manner. All items should be kept in a designated area, and similar objects should be categorized and put together in groups. This will definitely allow you to  search the items when needed very easy-peasy.

✅ 清掃 (Sei-so) - Clean the Items Constantly

Bear in mind to keep the objects / boxes in the storage clean on a regular basis. Make sure to keep the surfaces of the box and label clean without dust in order to identify the number / name of the items clearly. Regular cleaning promotes the storage to be constantly aesthetic, and it can also prevent any unwanted stuffs from piling up unconsciously over time.

✅ 清潔 (Sei-ketsu) - Standardize the Procedures

Making a manual for yourself or whoever wants to enter your storage room to find something. You can set up a standardized steps about how to find items in the storage and best practices for organizing and maintaining the storage area clean and easy to use. Basic guidelines on how to use the storage and update when things are taken out with the use of symbols and visualization would help anyone who reads the manual clearly understand without needs to ask.

✅ 躾 (Shitsuke) - Sustainability is the Key

Maintain the storage area clean and orderly as indicated in the manual by applying the rule of “Kai-zen”: a continuous improvement. If you have the storage in your own home, make sure each of your family member understand how the rule is when it comes to the use of the storage. As for Storage in the workplace, apply the 5S methodology to be a part of company’s standard of procedures. Do review the practice of employees and encourage everyone to take responsibility for maintaining the storage with this mindset.


The 5S principles can be easily applied to keep your items organized in the storage area. With a constant improvement and regular cleaning, it can help increase storage space and create a clutter-free environment. Applying this methodology of 5S as a technique to manage your own storage not only keeps your things organized but also makes it much easier and convenient to locate your belongings whenever you might need.

Decluttering your storage from accumulating and maximizing the use of storage area in a limited space are the key for success. Be mindful that maintaining an orderly and clean storage requires continuous effort and also commitment, but the benefits we gain in terms of time consumption and reduced stress when searching for the items are well worth it.

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