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a2sign (Digital Signature) : IT-Enhanced Document Storage & Paperless Solutions! 📝💡

Being a pioneer and operating over the last two years  in Bangkok, CloudRoom – self-storage enabled by a smartphone – where individual customer or companies can effortlessly store and retrieve physical items from the common & systematized physical storage area.” Up until now, our customer base has consistently grown due to positive feedbacks and recommendations from our satisfied existing customers.

"CloudRoom for Biz" - Introducing Our Newest Service. 💻 ✍️

An accumulation of never-ending accounting documents in the office seems to be a prevalent issue for most companies. Limited space for storing company documents. Disorderly and unpleasant workspace as a result of the ceaselessly piling-up documents. It’s not uncommon for many factories to occupy valuable warehouse space with stacks of accounting documents like purchasing orders, quotations, invoices, receipts and etc.

Conventional document storage services often lead to problems such as:

✅ Difficulty in keeping track of stored documents and their respective stored locations.
✅ Potential mishaps, like boxes collapsing, when searching through a stack of documents at the rear or bottom.
✅ Time wasting for the employees commuting between locations.
✅ Unnecessary expenses for warehouse expansion exclusively for document storage.
✅ Any unfortunate issues like lost keys or accidents during transportation.


Corporate Solutions for Efficient Document Storage: CloudRoom For Biz!!! 🖊️ 💡

To avoid these problems above, CloudRoom For Biz has been created to be the ideal solution for corporate customers.

CloudRoom For Biz offers the following features:

✅ One-Stop Service from inspection, digitized documents, e-Signature, pick-up, storage, document management, physical document retrieval to ISO-accredited disposal of document with sensitive data.
✅ Easy request of document retrieval and additional deposits through the web-app or any available contact online channels.
✅ Optional carefully-designed scanning service for each of documents.
✅ Functions to archive all scanned data with trustworthy electronic signature services.


Keep up with the ever-changing technology by embracing paperless initiatives to enhance your company’s efficiency. Feel free to reach out to CloudRoom staff for more details.


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