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Smarter Living by Smart Storage “CloudRoom”

Traditional storage services have undergone a transformation with the integration of cutting-edge technologies in today’s dynamic landscape. CloudRoom is one of the leading examples of these advances, a storage solution that is effortlessly enabled by smartphone technology.

Effortless Operation with Customized Packages

Customers can effortlessly obtain the information they require without leaving their homes by reaching out to CloudRoom. Additionally, we extend the convenience of complimentary on-site surveys to prospective customers and provide quotation for consideration whether the price is acceptable or not. To further facilitate the storage process, CloudRoom offers complimentary carton boxes, packing tools (adhesive tape, bubble wrap and rope), and presents various packages tailored to customers’ needs. Notably, the pricing plans (starting from Entry Plan 900 THB/month) are designed to offer cost-effectiveness, with greater savings and benefits correlating to the quantity of items stored.

Streamlined Booking And Reservation

Experience a streamlined and efficient storage solution with CloudRoom’s smartphone-enabled booking and reservation system through various channels, including application, website, email, telephone, and LINE chat. Our dedicated team of employees stands prepared to promptly assist customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Users can seamlessly receive the customized plan and suitable pricing, complete agreements, and receive digital confirmations, all through their smartphones.

Temperature & Humidity Control Environment

Carefully managing the items sensitive to environmental conditions, CloudRoom is equipped with fully air-conditioning and dehumidification systems to regulate climate control settings. This commitment to environmental control safeguards the integrity and preservation of the cherished possessions stored within our facility, affirming our dedication to the utmost care and protection of our valued customers’ belongings.

Self-Tracking of Stored Items From Your Smartphone

Through CloudRoom features, users can maintain a systematic record of their stored items. This includes monitoring payment dates and the option to upgrade packages. Once carton boxes are sealed by the customer, our protocol prohibits employees from opening them, ensuring the privacy and security of the contents. Users can also make detailed notes regarding the contents of each box in CloudRoom web-application. This user-friendly interface, accessible via smartphone or desktop, allows customers to effortlessly manage and monitor their items at any time, preventing forgetfulness even for prolonged storage periods. When retrieval is necessary, users can simply click on the desired items and request a hassle-free delivery to their location. For those who may not be tech-savvy, our dedicated support is readily available through LINE chat, email, or telephone, offering a streamlined and comprehensive service.

CloudRoom: Walk Along With The Future

CloudRoom is an example of innovation in the storage services industry, utilizing smartphone technology to deliver a safe and easy user experience. Both people and companies can gain from CloudRoom’s easy accessibility, state-of-the-art security features, simplified booking procedures, climate control management, and effective inventory tracking. With CloudRoom, you can embrace the future of storage solutions—where innovation and simplicity collide.

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